what if for the reunion john kisses sherlock and it is beautiful

and tumblr explodes along with my sanity

and moffat and gatiss just sit back on their thrones chuckling and say "ahahahaha they were gay all along"

things i think about instead of writing my film essayi just realized that like imagine if i was watching the returnand about fifteen minutes in they hug and i will sit on my sofa and chuckle and whisper 'yesssss this is everything that i asked for'and then instead of pulling out of the hug they just start making outi thinki think i would have a heart attackneed to be rushed to the hospitalmy mom would be panicking but i would shout 'NO! I CAN'T LEAVE YET JOHN JUST KISSED SHERLOCK GET OUT EVERYONE GET OUT!'and the paramedics would be at a lossand i would be wondering what was happening on tumblrbut i wouldn't be able to knowi wouldn't be able to emotionally handle itand those are my musings for the dayjulia should shut up
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    i’m not going to complain at all if this happens i would devote my life to moffat and gatiss forever
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